Hit The Refresh Button With A Weekend Getaway

Now that world is opening up again, have you went on a vacation yet? I love to travel throughout the year to different destinations. I love exploring new places and visiting family and friends all over. However, I haven’t been on a real vacation in like two years due to the pandemic. Maybe I won’t jump right back into a week vacation just yet. I’m considering a weekend getaway instead. Weekend getaways allow you to travel often throughout the year. Are you ready for a minication too?

We all need to break up our routines. Life has been challenging navigating and adjusting to a new normal way of living. But thankfully things are getting better and we have more opportunities to get out. So this is the perfect time to make a quick getaway. There are many benefits to a weekend getaway. Do you work weekends? If not, there is little to no time off work. You can save your paid time off for a longer vacation or an appointment or your kids being sick. You know we have all used paid time for our kids. And at the most you would only be taking a day or two off work. Just the thought of having a three day weekend makes me feel good.

Weekend getaways give you something to look forward. Especially if you plan them often. Just the thought of going away can make you happy. Think about it. If you were taking minications once a month, how would you feel? I know I would feel excited. It could be a staycation close by driving distance or quick two hour flight somewhere. The point is to get away for the weekend. Those couple of days will make all the difference. Not only for you, but for your relationship too. Of course, it’s always a win traveling and enjoying family time, but also traveling with just your partner gives you a chance to reconnect.

Plus depending on the destination, it could be budget friendly or cost effective compared to longer vacations. You’ll save on hotel night stays, food, activities, etc.. Now I’m not saying that’ll happen in every case. But that’s something you can incorporate into your planning.

The important thing is that you give yourself a quick change of scenery. You will definitely destress over the weekend and be ready to take on the week come Monday. So plan a weekend getaway today. Get out and enjoy those beautiful beaches away, maybe enjoy camping, or just enjoy your hotel room somewhere. I promise you a weekend getaway will be so worth it. The quick reset is priceless. Mind, body and spirit you will be refreshed and that’s what matters most.


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