It’s NOT night yet!

A few years ago, an amazing sermon was preached “It’s not night yet”. It came from the scripture John 9:4 “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work”. The bishop was admonishing God’s children to continue on in doing well because … Continue reading It’s NOT night yet!

Get To Work!

The secret of getting ahead is to get started! ~Mark Twain Hey there, How are you? What have you been up to?Well, I've been working on me and my businesses. I decided to revise " Business Mistakes Turned Into Life Lessons.” I added more lessons, goodies and a bonus. My journal/book could be used as … Continue reading Get To Work!


Good evening Beautiful Women Supporting Women, There sure has been a lot going on since we last touched base.  I hope everyone is home, quarantined and enjoying some of the new perks incorporated into our lives (e.g. working from home, shorter work days, spending countless time with the children. With all of the Coronavirus craze … Continue reading SECURE ACT GIVEAWAY ANSWERS

Knowing When to Purge

The other day I was searching for a jumper in my wardrobe closet, I started sweating immediately . It got intense because the jumper was nowhere to be found. My overflowing closet is screaming help me.  Time to Purge! 1st attempt was a complete Failure! This was supposed to my coat closet but I have … Continue reading Knowing When to Purge

Denim is an Essential?

Denim is definitely an Essential, Staple and an Impulsive Buy when the need to get Funky (in a fashionable way). Did you know denim was worn not just because it's hard material but because the dye was dark enough to easily hide stains back in the days? I truly believe you should have plenty of … Continue reading Denim is an Essential?