Part 2: What Are The Different Types Of IRAs

Good evening Women Supporting Women, Happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mines was nothing short of FABULOUS!  Saturday, I did a networking event with none other than, one of our favorite bloggers and stylist, Shameeka :-).  The networking and synergy in the room was so peaceful and genuine.  I … Continue reading Part 2: What Are The Different Types Of IRAs


Tax Season – Do you have your IRA today?

Good morning Women Supporting Women, First, a blessed and happy Monday to you all.  Also, Happy belated International Women's Day.  I hope you celebrated all of your greatness on this day!  I spent the day with my fabulous college sisters, enjoying the Temptations play.  Saturday I was blessed to spend time with 2 of my  … Continue reading Tax Season – Do you have your IRA today?

Learn Better Shopping Habits…..

I get money is tight for many right now! I want to help you save some dollars by shopping on a budget. Here's a few savvy fashion tips. Got some time, go through your closet and create 2 piles of clothes. One pile for stuff you wear regular and second pile for stuff you haven't … Continue reading Learn Better Shopping Habits…..

Sourcing in the Fashion World….

  With a Million Online Boutiques, How to Stand Out?   I get asked "what makes your boutique different" over and over again, and I only have one answer and it's SOURCING for Quality. Sourcing  your products is very important in a competitive market. There are many online, social media and even storefronts who cut … Continue reading Sourcing in the Fashion World….

How Much Do You Remember: Round 2

Good evening Ladies, Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I spent mine protecting lives and hanging with some Brooklyn College alumni.  It was very rewarding to do things I love dearly. Last week, I posted a Long Term Care review, where you have the chance to win a 15.00 … Continue reading How Much Do You Remember: Round 2

Are You in Need of a Wardrobe Update?

    Well let me tell you, We just dropped a Black and White Collection that is straight fire! The Fact is you will always need Black and White garments in your closet, so why not let them be stylish. I'm talking Corporate to Drinks after Work outfits which I like to call it Business-Casual. … Continue reading Are You in Need of a Wardrobe Update?