Technology is our future. Can You Code?

There are so many amazing people impacting our communities that you’ve probably never heard of. One of those people is Kimberly Bryant. She is the founder of Black Girls CODE. It gives girls ages 7 to 17 a platform to be introduced to computer programming and digital technology through workshops, summer and after-school programs.

Kimberly Bryant’s inspiration for Black Girls CODE was her daughter. Has your child ever attended a camp or activity and you felt it wasn’t worth it? Has your child ever felt left out or not included enough? As if so much more could be offered to your child, especially for the price? I know I have. Kimberly Bryant decided to do something about it. She realized the importance of ensuring our girls, especially girls in underrepresented communities have opportunities to learn coding skills using technology. With girls being the focus. As I continue to promote, women supporting women even at the earliest stages.

Computer technology is growing at a fast pace and there will be a workforce needed to fill jobs in this field. Why not my daughter or yours? We tend to promote doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.. which is great! But there are so many other fields booming like computer technology that can afford them an amazing life too. One’s not considered or promoted to girls based on gender. But Black Girls CODE changed the playing field. Girls are afforded the same opportunities to learn innovation. Through entertainment mind you with gaming and robotics.

This program started with under 10 girls in 2011 and has expanded to serving over $20,000. Including 15 chapters and even one in Africa. Imagine that! I applaud Ms. Bryant’s efforts for helping so many girls of color focus on building their future, developing confidence and friendships and realizing their potential in programming. Kimberly Bryant is definitely working her Black Girl Magic and inspiring young girls to do it too! I’m positive this organization will continue to thrive with it’s continued efforts, partnerships and outreach to communities worldwide.

Check out Black Girls CODE and get more information on this amazing organization at Know you can also make an impact and be a voice at non-profit organizations like this one by donating or volunteering your time.

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