Are you looking ahead? I know I am! Although, we’ve been on lockdown mode for weeks and basically put on pause, fashion hasn’t. There are so many new, current and retro looks available for this summer. So get ready to update your closet with some 2020 fashion trends.

If you know me, I’m big on style and how I look in clothes. No matter it be running to Target or to work. Life is too short, so I make every outfit count. It’s just something about having a dope, versatile wardrobe that makes me feel great and gives me a daily boost of confidence! And so can you! That’s one of the reasons why The Staples Showroom even exists. So I’m sharing some looks that fashion girls like you and me, can wear right now. These outfits in The Staples Showroom’s closet (https://www.thestaplesshowroom.com/shop) will keep you on trend this summer.

So what’s in? This summer you’ll see oversized sleeves and outerwear, ripped denim, bold neons, florals and pastels. Pieces now available in the Staples Closet. Here are highlights of just a few of this season’s top looks ready for you, including bright but fun colors and prints.

I’m loving the new jersey jumpsuit “Beats Feeling Blue,” I’m wearing below. It’s an easy breezy spaghetti strap jumpsuit with a comfy jogger fit, (https://www.thestaplesshowroom.com/shop/beats-feeling-blue). I feel sexy and cute but not over doing it. I can stay comfortable, even at work without looking overly casual. Plus it has pockets and I’m all about details Summer 2020!

Did you know tangerine is in this season? Check out my “Tangerine” biker shorts, (https://www.thestaplesshowroom.com/shop/tangerine) to give you that stretchy, athletic look we all want sometimes. Choose to be vibrant today!

And I just got in these super cute high waist oversized camo pants “Camo Haute,” (https://www.thestaplesshowroom.com/shop/camo-haute). The oversized look is coming back. Do you remember the 90’s? Takes me back!

Lastly, athleisure wear or loungewear is definitely on trend. Sweats are so cool again. So get comfortable lady!

Like life, fashion works in cycles and there are so many comebacks this season from decades ago. I love it! The only constant in life is change, so say hello to summer and update your wardrobe for the summer season today!


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