Overcoming Fear!

I’m sure you all knew I was going to write a blog after my hiking trip. I feel compelled to share my journey with you all because I know many of us battle with fear and it’s important that we overcome it as soon as possible. Remember, nothing is too hard for God. All he desires is that we believe, keep the faith and trust him.

Let me start from the very beginning of my journey. I’ve always been a lover of Mother Nature but only made small steps towards interacting with it. However, when the opportunity to go hiking was offered by a good friend Myriam I knew it was now or never. After Jessica, Myriam and I planned our trip fear began to rear its ugly head in me. The fear started creating preconceived stories that of course could, but did not happen. It started to overwhelm me but I told that devil he was a liar and I was going forth in Jesus mighty name. I’m so happy I overcame the mental battle that was trying to consume me.

The day before the trip a good friend Soraya called me and she shared her testimony of overcoming fear by zip-lining and how proud she was. At this moment she had no clue that God was using her to further advance my journey to go hiking. Again, God knows what we need and when we need it.

Most of you are already aware of Murphy’s Law so the morning of the trip anything and everything that could go wrong did. I woke up to my cellphone not working and after a few failed attempts it eventually disabled. I was a mess by then because I knew that I was entering the right password.  I still cannot figure out why my phone went haywire? In this technologically driven society of ours, you can relate to my decision at the moment to cancel the trip.  I wasn’t traveling into the mountains without my cell phone!!! Thank God for Jessica whose brilliance saved the day. She laid out a game plan for me and I followed it. As I sat with Jess on the train I asked her for a minute, so I can gather my composure and rebuke my emotions of frustration and a touch of fear. Before I knew it we were chatting it up and enjoying great conversations the entire ride.    

God sent touches of humor along the way to keep my spirits high and my focus going. A few guys were singing “Wu-Tang” because of my t-shirt and it really made my day. A little t-shirt caused so much commotion but it was bigger than that it was divine timing to keep my Joy at ten.

Myriam, Jess and I met up at Grand Central Station and rode the Metro-North to Cold Spring. We were able to obtain window seats to enjoy every bit of the nature God gave us. The time spent admiring God’s creation gave me a fresh sense of gratitude and I began to thank God even the more for all my eyes were able to see and that my body was able to travel. As we walked to our trail my backpack popped, go figure. Again another obstacle was coming to hinder me but we made it work and we continued on our journey. As we continued on our way; we laughed, joked, did some site-seeing and prepared for the adventure that was before us.

The mountains, the hills, the sun, the bugs, the conversations, and the team-work showed me the life of God’s word Romans 8:28. All things will work together for the good of God’s children. I’m so happy that I was able to overcome my fears in more ways than one. I can confess that it was not easy because I felt that the enemy had a plan against me. So many things were happening and I was very cautious out of fear that a freak accident could take place. I thank God for the ladies encouragement and constant reinforcement that God is with me and all will be well. I thank God we were able to pray together and keep our faith as a guide. I believe we all gained a newfound respect for one another. I say cheers to many more adventures together.

I could never repay you guys for your patience and understanding towards me. It was a pleasure and honor to be in the presence of ladies that saw only the best in me.  Even though I had to soak in Epsom salt (That’s another blog for another time. Lol) this weekend I have never felt so empowered spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s important that we press into our dreams, desires, hope, ambitions, and anything you desire in this life. Again, life is too short to not enjoy. Enjoy it whichever way possible. Travel around your State until you can travel abroad. May the blessing of the Lord continue to keep you and guide you into all truth. Live without Fear! #SimoneGoesHiking2019


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