Sourcing in the Fashion World….

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With a Million Online Boutiques, How to Stand Out?


I get asked “what makes your boutique different” over and over again, and I only have one answer and it’s SOURCING for Quality. Sourcing  your products is very important in a competitive market.

There are many online, social media and even storefronts who cut their cost by purchasing cheaply made items with poor quality. Why?

  • Able to purchase a large amount
  • Cost is real cheap
  • Increase Consumer Mark Up Price

The problem with buying from China Websites are

  • A longer Inventory Wait time
  • Cheaply Made
  • Item don’t look like picture


There are trade shows for almost everything now, google and get your credentials to apply for the Trade Shows. You can use these tips for almost any Trade Shows.

  • Build Relationship with the Designer and Company
  • Look and feel  before committing to purchasing them
  • Take Sourcing Workshops to learn how to deal with other countries
  • Take Manufacturing Workshops


I handpick every item that is chosen for My Secret Treasures Boutique for my clients. So before I attend shows I do the following..

  • Pick a color scheme
  • Create a mood board
  • Go through current inventory to see what’s lacking
  • Walk with notes at the show to stay on point, for example if I’m looking for blazers every designer I visit I ask them to direct me to their Blazers or maybe jackets. Anything else comes after I’m able to cross items off my list.


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