1st Anniversary

In January 2018, I was asked by Shameeka to be a spiritual blogger for her page and a year later we are both still going strong. Thank you, my friend, for giving me the opportunity to speak the word of God to the people of God. In an age when so many bloggers are caught up on external beauty, I am extremely grateful that Shameeka’s vision is to build beauty from the inside out.

Happy Anniversary to us! and here is to #BlackGirlMagic proving once again that when we get together magic takes place.  Let’s keep pressing forward knowing that the best is yet to come for the both of us.

 In 2019, learn how to be your own best friend and biggest cheerleader. Don’t look for the applause of others because it may never come.  Instead, measure your own growth and encourage yourself knowing that, “You did that”. Practice celebrating small and big victories because God uses both to develop a better you.

Let’s aim to be spiritually better this year. As a blogger, my goal has always been to motivate and help you build up your inner self. We are on this journey together and I know that if you follow a few of my steps and directives you will have a better year.  

Remember, a successful year isn’t going to drop into your lap. You are going to have to work hard to obtain it. Also, I am always opened to suggestions, so if there is a topic you would like me to address then please send me a message via email simonesmikle@yahoo.com or write below in the comment section.

Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. God bless you all!


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