We All Need a Break…….

Hey Babes…

As I plan for a successful week, I can’t help to think about my unfinished projects. All though I do multi task sometimes it gets overwhelming. Last week I had a lot of unfinished business that I didn’t include in this week’s agenda.

How do you deal with anxiety or being overwhelmed?

Well for me lately I just stop whatever it is causing me to feel that way. I give myself time to think if I was focusing on the right thing at that time. We tend to lose the real Focus and create a temporarily focus then wonder why things didn’t go as planned. I like to sort out the issues that occurred and start over from scratch.

I don’t rush to go back to the project because I want to weigh my options, it’s all a process. eventually my time to shine will come and I will gladly accept it.

Never Rush the Process you’ll miss out on the lessons.


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