Life is short



I know it very cliché to say, but “Life is short!” After experiencing the death of a loved one this past weekend, I am convinced the more to live my life.

We carry on with our lives as if death won’t knock at our doorstep one day, but guess what eventually it will. It slowly creeps in closer & closer first with the ones we love then ultimately ourselves. The hardest part is learning to cope during those difficult times.

First, trust God and believe his word. His words cannot lie and it can’t return to him void. Jesus promised us a new world with no more tears or death. We rest assured that our loved ones are resting in the Lord. Secondly, take a moment out of your day to lift up the bereaved family and friends. Only the Holy Spirit can mend a broken heart. There are no words to say unless a person is speaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Like my Bishop said to my eldest son “We honor the person that passed away by making them proud”. I am passing on that gem of wisdom to you my readers. Make your deceased family member or friend proud by living a life that would be pleasing to them and above all to God.

Finally, remember to memorialize the deceased each year because doing this will keep their legacy alive. My sweet sister that passed on to glory will be remembered for so many reasons but mainly for her love. The Bible said love is the greatest. I thank her for loving me and my children. She was the second Mommy to my eldest son and she helped me raise him.  I can recall us jokingly saying “I know you would parent my son Christian God forbid I passed on” and she lovingly said, “You would never have to worry about him, I surely would”. I vow to help raise her two beautiful children in her honor.

Let the life that she lived, speak for her. Her love was unmatched and I will cherish it all the days of my life. With grief in my stomach and tears rolling down my face, I say rest my dear Sister we shall see each other again.

I am praying for all those that grieving and need God to comfort them. The word of God stands true “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted”. Matthew 5:4.


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