Meet one of the Owners from Heights Bar and Grill, a real cute spot for some good food and drinks…. Chef Towana chatted it up with us

This interview really hit home for me because I’m Business Owner as well and work for NYCHA as well. It’s about knowing when it’s your time to fly…..

When did you know it was time for you to leave NYCHA? Why did it take as long as it did for you to follow your heart?

I knew it was time for me to leave my job, when it started making me depressed and causing issues at work with staff.  It took a long time because I always doubted myself and financial backing.

I always cooked for family events and for other people’s events but never took it to this level. But there is a god, My Little Brother always believed in my cooking. He made it possible for my dream to come true.

He already owns a Juice Bar and wanted to open a restaurant. So we go together and discussed how to move forward.

I worked for NYCHA for 23 years. I’m already vested in the pension and my husband gave me his blessing so I followed my heart and stepped out on faith.

I’m very glad I did, I’m very happy now and a lot of doors are opening for me. I’m in the process of doing a Catering Business as well as running Heights Bar & Grill.

What is your major plan for the restaurant game. What’s your Level Up?

My Game plan is to make Heights Bar & Grill a success. I plan to make it a laid back atmosphere where customers can come and enjoy their selves while enjoying great food! A place to unwind after a hard day of work or a rough day is needed in the area.
I have a Triple Level Up Plan. First is to have my name out there big time. Second, I plan to open up a Soul food Restaurant and Make My Catering Business a success.

How do you choose your Signature dishes?  What is a must have dish and why?

This question is hard. Well for me I went with what my family always ask me to make for family functions no matter what we have they always want my Mac and cheese or potato salad and three other dishes so I really don’t have one signature dish I have many.

I will say my Mac and cheese is my must have dish because everybody can’t make it. I believe Mac and Cheese should be just like the name cheesey.  You go to some places and the cheese is just on the top. My Mac is loaded with cheese and love.


Being a current NYCHA Employee I can relate to being skeptical about leaving my Manager’s position. In 2017 I set my break away year for 2018, you have to start by claiming the victory.


Address and Contact Info for Heights Bar and Grill listed below,be sure to check them out soon. Tell them Meeka sent you! Plus use code Treasures for 10% off. You must mention this blog Post or Meeka.

Heights Bar & Grill

766 Classon Ave, Between Sterling and St Johns Place, Brooklyn NY

Place Orders 718-552-2466





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