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Coming Over Fears…My First Recorded Interview Was…

    Let me start off by saying my nerves have a mind of their own. At any given time my body becomes uncontrollable with mind racing, hearting beating fast, especially in front of audience. But that Thursday Night it was different even though I was in a room with strangers I was Calm. February… Continue reading Coming Over Fears…My First Recorded Interview Was…

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Why Vegan Cosmetics?

  What do you know about your makeup? I always wonder do MUAs pay attention to the ingredients before they put these products on their client's face. Beauty Cost literally but the fact it could contribute to illnesses that would affect your health is horrible. I have tried ExPOSE  Glosses and I love how creamy… Continue reading Why Vegan Cosmetics?

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Stylist Taking Charge

    I have always love fashion and I wanted more. I jumped in the fashion world selling clothes, dressing for fashion shows and styling photo shoots but the craving grew. I had the opportunity to be a Personal Shopper and jump on it, it was actually fun and not what I expected ( stressful). … Continue reading Stylist Taking Charge

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More of Staying in Your Own Lane

  I swear to you I try to stay out of politics but now days everything is political or becoming political in the office, Social Media even at the salon. However, It's interesting to converse and to get into each other Minds.   For example, Comedian Monique's Issue with Netflix and her wanting to people… Continue reading More of Staying in Your Own Lane