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Why Vegan Cosmetics?

  What do you know about your makeup? I always wonder do MUAs pay attention to the ingredients before they put these products on their client's face. Beauty Cost literally but the fact it could contribute to illnesses that would affect your health is horrible. I have tried ExPOSE  Glosses and I love how creamy… Continue reading Why Vegan Cosmetics?

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Frame of the Month Club

    We're keeping the ladies fly in our Optical and Sunglasses. Join our subscription for $12 and get a pair every month, our shades run anywhere $17 to $45. Once you join all glasses and shades are just $10! Visit and click on the frame of the Month Club Page to sign up.… Continue reading Frame of the Month Club

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Stylist Taking Charge

    I have always love fashion and I wanted more. I jumped in the fashion world selling clothes, dressing for fashion shows and styling photo shoots but the craving grew. I had the opportunity to be a Personal Shopper and jump on it, it was actually fun and not what I expected ( stressful). … Continue reading Stylist Taking Charge

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Are You A Pearl?

For years people didn't know how damaging everyday products were to their bodies including myself. Very few were using organic and natural products but today there's high demand for organic and all natural products. I must say because of the demand some have triple their prices for their Products and that may cause others to… Continue reading Are You A Pearl?


My Review…..Liquid Shea Black Soap from Pink Pearl Naturals

So over the weekend I tried Pink Pearl Naturals liquid Shea Black Soap, so far so good.... 2nd day of washing my face with this liquid shea black soap and I have to say I want to use the whole bottle. Recently Ambi changed the Even Clear Exfoliating Wash scrub by removing the beads from… Continue reading My Review…..Liquid Shea Black Soap from Pink Pearl Naturals