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Why Vegan Cosmetics?

  What do you know about your makeup? I always wonder do MUAs pay attention to the ingredients before they put these products on their client's face. Beauty Cost literally but the fact it could contribute to illnesses that would affect your health is horrible. I have tried ExPOSE  Glosses and I love how creamy… Continue reading Why Vegan Cosmetics?

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Closing Our Doors

Why? You asked..... Back in 2007 I gave birth to a jewelry hobby, yes it was just a hobby. This hobby turned into a business once I showed my Co workers pieces of jewelry, because they brought It!  It's cool to have a hobby  but it's dope to profit from your hobby. 10 years later… Continue reading Closing Our Doors


Welcome to our World….. Treasures

Hello Treasures Can't wait to  show our take on Business, Fashion, Home Essentials and much more! Here we will introduce Business Owners, Fashion Stylists, Motivational Speakers and Creative directors through their style or interviews. We will connect you to them mentally and physically . You will be educated on a regular basis to assist your continue… Continue reading Welcome to our World….. Treasures