What's Up Ladies, It's that time, A new Facebook Contest starts today and it's pretty simple. At 12 pm contest will be live for 5 days and I will be picking 7 winners in total to shop with Treasures Cash Credit. Winners will be announced on Monday October 21 at 12pm. ¬†The Rules … Continue reading CASH IN STORE CREDIT



"Bag lady you gone hurt your back Dragging all them bags like that I guess nobody ever told you All you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you" ERYKAH BADU "As a Women, as a Black Woman I take on more than I can chew not because I want to but because I'm … Continue reading THE BAG LADY…..

Learn Better Shopping Habits…..

I get money is tight for many right now! I want to help you save some dollars by shopping on a budget. Here's a few savvy fashion tips. Got some time, go through your closet and create 2 piles of clothes. One pile for stuff you wear regular and second pile for stuff you haven't … Continue reading Learn Better Shopping Habits…..

Sourcing in the Fashion World….

  With a Million Online Boutiques, How to Stand Out?   I get asked "what makes your boutique different" over and over again, and I only have one answer and it's SOURCING for Quality. Sourcing¬† your products is very important in a competitive market. There are many online, social media and even storefronts who cut … Continue reading Sourcing in the Fashion World….

Are You in Need of a Wardrobe Update?

    Well let me tell you, We just dropped a Black and White Collection that is straight fire! The Fact is you will always need Black and White garments in your closet, so why not let them be stylish. I'm talking Corporate to Drinks after Work outfits which I like to call it Business-Casual. … Continue reading Are You in Need of a Wardrobe Update?

Young Millionaire in the Making…….

  Yesterday we went live on FB .... yup Gianni And Me by the way Gianni is only 5-years old and is on her way to build a dope Brand that will make Millions. chek   Let me tell you about a 5-year-old girl who has so much personality she will shock you when she … Continue reading Young Millionaire in the Making…….

Closing Out the Year With a Bang! What About You?

This year was a tough one for me, with all the ups and downs I was still determine to push through. Setbacks help me prepare for major comebacks. Last year I dreamed of a Book Tour but reality hit, my book was in all the stores paperback only, yea no e-books and money out the … Continue reading Closing Out the Year With a Bang! What About You?