On 6th Day of Christmas…..

On The 6th Day of Christmas....... Nothing like waking up the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. Holidays Sweets are the Best! I think I order from Puzzle Pieces Kitchen.... Dec. 1- Dec. 31 2 dozen regular cupcakes for $35 (reg. $25 each dozen) 2 dozen boozy cupcakes for $60 (reg. $45 each dozen) Phone … Continue reading On 6th Day of Christmas…..


Pray for the gift of discernment

  Discernment within the Christian context is defined as the perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. As children of the Highest, it is important that we recognize that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood. Understand that our battles are not with people, but with … Continue reading Pray for the gift of discernment

God’s Plan

    Long before Drake released his single “God’s plan”. God had a plan for your life already. Now please don’t misconstrue my words because I love Drake’s song. However, let me ask you this question how long has your Pastor been preaching to you about God’s plan? and did you believe it when you heard it then?  It seems that people are compelled to … Continue reading God’s Plan