Try a new skin regime

Well I always switch up my body products routine. My skin tends to get used of the products and show no reaction but dull dry skin. I was literally on Facebook one day and came across a post that lead me to another page and I discovered another Black Owned Face and Body Brand. I … Continue reading Try a new skin regime


Knowing When to Purge

The other day I was searching for a jumper in my wardrobe closet, I started sweating immediately . It got intense because the jumper was nowhere to be found. My overflowing closet is screaming help me.¬† Time to Purge! 1st attempt was a complete Failure! This was supposed to my coat closet but I have … Continue reading Knowing When to Purge

Now Wait a Minute 2020….

  I swear this year went crazy fast and I didn't complete half of the things I said I would last December! Can we just roll back the time so I can have a do-over, I'm serious I will put in more effort this time. Yeah, that would be great but life doesn't work like … Continue reading Now Wait a Minute 2020….