"Bag lady you gone hurt your back Dragging all them bags like that I guess nobody ever told you All you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you" ERYKAH BADU "As a Women, as a Black Woman I take on more than I can chew not because I want to but because I'm … Continue reading THE BAG LADY…..


Werk Pray Slay Weekend 2019

ARE YOU READY TO SLAY YOUR GOALS   Hey ladies, I'm officially a Werk Pray Slay Ambassador for the 2019 Conference in Atlanta. This year Conference will be fuel with so many nuggets you will be encourage to do more to reach your goals..   Last year I was a Sponsor and a Attendee and … Continue reading Werk Pray Slay Weekend 2019

Woke Up One Morning and Looked in the Mirror……

  The other day I got up and headed to the bathroom nothing out of the norm but I happened to glance down to my tummy area damn there fainted. I was not happy, felt like my belly grew over night! All day I was self-conscious¬†about my belly, then frustrated about my thighs. I started … Continue reading Woke Up One Morning and Looked in the Mirror……