Happy Thanksgiving

Great morning beautiful Women Supporting Women, Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I spent my weekend servicing new clients and of course,  going to church to give God thanks for another week of life! Last week we spoke about the richest, self-made women in America.  I highlighted a few … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

Now Wait a Minute 2020….

  I swear this year went crazy fast and I didn't complete half of the things I said I would last December! Can we just roll back the time so I can have a do-over, I'm serious I will put in more effort this time. Yeah, that would be great but life doesn't work like … Continue reading Now Wait a Minute 2020….


  Happy Thursday, So, the pass week I went on a work-cation to Los Angeles for Children's Fashion Week. My time was spent between shows, eating and site seeing. I had a blast! I will get into more of the fashion in my next blog post. Let's get into a few things, first many may … Continue reading WHAT’S APPROPRIATE VS WHAT’S ACCEPTED?