On The 9th Day of Christmas

On the 9th Day of Christmas....... Buy 1 set of 5 Good Vibe Charm Bracelet and Get 3 FREE BRACELETS OR Purchase a $75 Gift Card and Get a free $25 Gift Card to give away. Gift Cards are good for 1 Year after Purchase.      


On The 8th Day of Christmas

On the 8th Day of Christmas..... Grab you a bottle of Simply Essential by Tiffany   Sweet Almond Lavender Body & Massage Oil. Super hydrating with an amazing aroma.With the warm hints of Lavender. Topped off with fresh Roses and botanical flowers to keep your skin youthful! 2 for $20 https://simplyessentialbytiffany.com/

On 6th Day of Christmas…..

On The 6th Day of Christmas....... Nothing like waking up the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. Holidays Sweets are the Best! I think I order from Puzzle Pieces Kitchen.... Dec. 1- Dec. 31 2 dozen regular cupcakes for $35 (reg. $25 each dozen) 2 dozen boozy cupcakes for $60 (reg. $45 each dozen) Phone … Continue reading On 6th Day of Christmas…..

2nd Day of Christmas

Welcome to My Secret Treasures Boutique's 12 Days of Christmas 2018 Here you will find 12 days of sales and surprises for Christmas Gifts.....We will begin December 1st and end December 12th, Sale or Surprise will be posted 11 am each day. Surprises will be from fellow businesses in which you get to shop with … Continue reading 2nd Day of Christmas

Don’t Give It Away Just Yet….

How to turn Summer looks into Fall looks today........   All my summer jackets could be layered up with thick sweaters because  I Look for Spandex in my clothing Go up a size with jackets and  light coats   In fall I wear more turtlenecks under sweater coats, denim and light  leather jackets. Also I'm … Continue reading Don’t Give It Away Just Yet….

The Importance of Holiday Marketing…So Secure the Bag……..

  As a Business or an Inspiring entrepeneur you have to stay ahead of the game. Especially during holidays, learn to use your calendar wisely to monetize your business. We are now in November and still some haven't took advantage of an early start. Small Businesses increases every year so there's a lot of competition, … Continue reading The Importance of Holiday Marketing…So Secure the Bag……..