Praying For Racial Equality

Good evening Beautiful Women Supporting Women, I hope this message finds you all well.  I have to say how happy I am to see that we are having peaceful protests around the world.  It makes my heart sing to see people of all walks of life coming together to fight an issue that has plagued … Continue reading Praying For Racial Equality

Coronavirus Assistance

Good evening Beautiful Women Supporting Women, Happy Blessed Monday to you all.  I hope you are doing well and safe. Here is some more information to help self-employed New Yorkers and other workers; NYS DEPARTMENT OF LABOR LAUNCHES NEW STREAMLINED APPLICATION FOR NEW YORKERS TO APPLY FOR PANDEMIC UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE WITHOUT HAVING TO FIRST APPLY … Continue reading Coronavirus Assistance


Good evening Beautiful Women Supporting Women, There sure has been a lot going on since we last touched base.  I hope everyone is home, quarantined and enjoying some of the new perks incorporated into our lives (e.g. working from home, shorter work days, spending countless time with the children. With all of the Coronavirus craze … Continue reading SECURE ACT GIVEAWAY ANSWERS