Try a new skin regime

Well I always switch up my body products routine. My skin tends to get used of the products and show no reaction but dull dry skin.

I was literally on Facebook one day and came across a post that lead me to another page and I discovered another Black Owned Face and Body Brand. I was like wth let me go visit the website to check out scents and the products.

I’m a fan of lemon products everything from lemongrass to lemon and sage. I found Lemon Pound Cake which reminded of a scent i had when I used to sell body butters, frostings and scrubs.

So I brought a set with bath whipped soap and butter, shipping was quick too. Once I got it I took an indulging bath, I must say The Melanie Skye Brand’s Lemon Pound Cake smells pretty good and does melt on the skin.

I decided it would be my night time routine since mosquitos love my skin lol.

if you would like to try or know more about The Melanie Skye Brand Products visit here


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