Stepping out on Faith

It’s time.

Not only things hold us back but people do too. Sometimes we put anything and everyone ahead of us, our dreams and goals.

I decided 2020-2021 would be my WOW years so I stepped out on Faith, now I’m building brick by brick my dreams. I have so many ideas and I didn’t know where to start, so I just started and so far GOD has been creating a clear path. The Vision is becoming a reality and I’m so happy I took the leap.

Far from easy, but the hard work I’ve been putting in has open so many doors and opportunities.

So I just wanted to encourage a lost soul, someone who needs that push, an over-thinker or a Second Guesser. Now is the time more than ever to believe in yourself and step out on faith.

I created my first Tote Bag and it was a headache and a pain in the ass, but the point is I did it! Now I know the DOs and DON’Ts with dealing with Manufacturers.

If you never do it you will never know!


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