How do you enjoy your me time? I’m specifically speaking about time to yourself. You know, when you acknowledge and recognize your needs and your needs only. I know I can be so consumed with everyone and everything else going on in my life, at times I neglect what’s essential to my wellbeing and just what I enjoy doing for me. But I try hard to remind myself that without self-care, I am really no good to anyone else. That’s why it’s so important to have a me time routine established. I have said that before in past blogs and will continue to advocate for self-care. Yours and mine!

If you rarely find time for you, then seriously consider changing that for your overall health. For your mental, physical and emotional comfort and protection. Yes, me time is a safety mechanism to keep your sanity in check. Start by simply writing out a list of things you like to do? Planning is a good way to incorporate these things into your schedule. It’s also a way to ensure you follow through, since you created a block of time for this activity. I don’t care if it’s simply taking a bubble bath or sleeping for an uninterrupted extended period of time. The point is. it’s mapped out so you can do it with no excuses.

I know what you’re thinking, if I can, I will. Make time! No, you are not being selfish by focusing on you. There’s no need to feel guilty. I don’t. I know my worth and I find time to appreciate myself. It doesn’t have to be alone time either. Personally, I enjoy both. I love spending time with family and friends, but I am content doing things for me by myself too. Either way, celebrating me often is a must have. I do not wait for special occasions or just birthdays, holidays, etc… Life is too short. Therefore, we should make the best of every day. That includes self-care.

What do you consider me time? Is it a movie without the kids, getting your nails done, going to the gym, a hobby, grabbing a latte or do you belong to a club? Like a book club. I love to read and find reading soothing, relaxing and inspiring. Definitely, me time appropriate. As you may know, I am stylist and outward appearances can affect how someone feels about themselves. Personally, I feel better inside and out when I look better. That’s just me. So I get my hair done often. Again, me time is all about doing what makes yourself happy.

Once you figure out what “me time” is for you and allot time in your schedule, commit to doing it. Yes, make a commitment to yourself. At least make a commitment to spending time focused on yourself during that designated time. But be spontaneous too. I promise finding “me time” and keeping it a priority, will make a significant difference in your life. No regrets!


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