Let a Virtual Assistant help take your business to the next level!

If you’re like me, there is never enough time in my day to accomplish all the things on my to do lists for both personal and business. Finding balance is key to be successful, happy and remaining sane. However, honestly the best way I accomplish this is having help. At least with my business. My virtual assistant takes some of the load off me and it allows me to breathe a little easier and sleep a little better knowing someone has my back!

Do you have a growing business? Have you considered getting a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is a remote assistant that can provide services for your business in different capacities. Including taking on an administrative role with customer service, data entry, email support, marketing, internet research, etc… I mean like repetitive tasks that are needed weekly to support your business. You should consider hiring one, so you can better utilize your time and skills in supporting your business. You know what you need to focus on and you also know what could be outsourced to someone else to take on. Yes, as an entrepreneur I realize I have to put substantial time into my business for continued success. But I’m just saying, I’m thankful for having an extra pair of hands assisting on my journey. Look at large organizations, they have thousands.

For me, my virtual assistant assists with building brand awareness. I’m determined to make The Staples Showroom a household name. This takes hours of emails, social media posts, live chats, attending events, being a sponsor and so much more. Again, there’s not enough hours to do it all. So I let my VA take on some of these tasks. Thankfully my virtual assistant seems to have a creative spirit and with some instruction, she’s able to create marketing that appeals to my clientele. So get a virtual assistant to help take your business to the next level. Believe me, you’ll be more productive, have less stress and reach your business goals faster. It’s worth the investment!

I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve had a chance to check out The Staples Showroom yet? The Staples Showroom was created to give you your life (time) back through Fashion Retail. Shop your needs and wants in less time. Plus, I want you to have the best shopping experience every time. Why wait for a sale? We now offer our clients a yearly membership. Get access to our exclusive VIP Lounge. For a small one time fee:

  • Access to shop exclusive items offered to Members Only
  • 50% off every purchase made in 2021
  • 30% off Signature Collection and made to order jewelry
  • Never have to wait for a sale ever again
  • 20 min virtual consultation
  • Shop items before they drop or launch on the website
  • And much more!
  • Visit www.thestaplesshowroom.com for more info

Shop same day with your new membership. It pays for itself 10x and more, especially if you’re a frequent shopper with us! Start getting our member benefits now.

As well as, check out my e-book Business Mistakes Turned Into Life Lessons. It’s a guide for new or struggling businesses. It’s full of the experiences, lessons and the Do’s and Don’ts I’ve learned over the 12+ years I’ve been in business. So get ready to learn more about my journey, what I went through to get where I am today as a Business Owner and so much more!


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