Celebrating Moms And All They Do!

Don’t you think we should celebrate moms every day, not just one day a year? As a mom, I’ve upheld my duty to care and protect daily. Moms wear many hats. I know personally I’ve been a chef, maid, laundry service, police chief, nurse, cheerleader, teacher and a therapist while still being a student, a worker, a sister and so much more. Moms should be acknowledged more often for all they do.

So how will you celebrate this year? Especially with COVID still here. Are you planning to go to lunch or dinner to celebrate? With restaurants reopening to indoor dining, I’m sure many moms will venture out. But I’m also sure the mother being honored would love her favorite meal be prepared at home for her, especially if her family dressed up for the occasion, created menu’s, added a beautiful flower arrangement and made their own fine dining experience for her. The little things really do count for mothers.

Another way to celebrate a mom would be with a photoshoot. This memory would be life long. As mothers we have a camera log filled with candid shots and loads of pictures of our children and others. Many times moms are left out of these photos as the photographer. Hey, that’s another hat moms wear. 🙂 But seriously, consider dressing up, having a family color scheme and schedule an appointment for photos. Make mom the center of these photos, so she knows this was purposely done for her. Take a hand photo together of everyone there. This photo will be so memorable. It’s something I wanted to do every year, to see the differences as our children grow. I need to stop talking about it and make it happen. You should make the photos fun. It’s springtime. Maybe do it outdoors. But tomorrow is not promised and these keepsakes will be something you can pass down to your children and their children.

Of course, any mom would love a good massage. Consider the spa. Give a mom a gift certificate or surprise her and drop her directly at the door so she can’t refuse or hold out and maybe never use it. Moms, you can even treat yourself to a spa day. You deserve it! Go get your hair and nails done. Go lay in the sauna for as long as you like. Or consider what you love to do and do it. No matter if it’s simply a day off doing nothing. Go read that book you put down a while ago, buy some bath salts and take a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine in hand, go for a drive, a walk, a movie or even a meal by yourself. Having time to turn off is necessary for maintained peace at mind, body and spirit. Moms have to learn to celebrate themselves often. Don’t wait on someone else to do it. I don’t! I know I work hard for my family, at my career and everything I do. So I don’t hesitate to treat myself and you shouldn’t either.

But the best thing you can do to celebrate a mom is to tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Just simple recognition can show you care. Of course gifts are always nice, but showing appreciation with your time and effort is priceless. From one mom to another, you are a super hero!

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