Spring Family Activities During COVID

Have you and your family adjusted to the new normal? Are you making the best of the time you have together? There is still so much you can do to have fun and enjoy life! There are so many activities your family can do at home for entertainment. But it’s springtime. So it’s a wonderful time to get your family out of house too. Of course, with safety measures always in mind. COVID is still real and needs to be taken seriously. But we all know this. Either way start your planning and doing now!

If you prefer to remain indoors right, online events with your family and friends could be a big hit. You could have themed parties like a paint party. Make it fun with table easels, canvases, different size paint brushes and colorful paint. Share the image of the day, or theme with all whom joined and get creative! Or have a baking or cookie decorating party online. Make some cupcakes or cookies and then have your kids and family decorate their hearts out with different color frostings, sprinkles, etc… Of course, then share and give out prizes for the most colorful, most creative, messiest cookie. It could be items from the dollar store or certificates you make.

Something else that could be fun, is having a treasure hunt at home. Easter shouldn’t be the only time, kids search and find. Hide things around your house. You could give your family clues or make a map. Of course, you should consider arts and crafts, science experiments, family games, playing dress up or nail salon and or having a dance party. But does your family play any instruments, or dance or sing? Have a mini concert at home. Create a stage with a backdrop. It could be as simple as hanging some streamers. Then invite family and friends to watch online. Record it and make them feel as special as if they were on a big stage. Ensure there is lots of applause and surprise them with some confetti! Also, consider magic shows, spelling bees or comedy if that’s what your family into. And if your kids love making presentations, pick a topic or person to learn about and create a poster board about it. Then make a diorama together to accompany the poster they made. Then they could present it to your family and friends online as well! These are the memories your family won’t forget.

Have you considered redoing your kids room or space with their input? This has many benefits. First it gives a renewed look to their space. Don’t you get tired of looking at the same four walls. Just moving your furniture around, adding a new piece or getting rid of one or even painting an accent wall, can drastically change the appearance of a room. Does your child like to read? Create a reading nook in their room or do they love to play Legos, create a dedicated space set up just for Legos. You could also do this for video games or whatever they enjoy doing. Plus you could do this for your whole house as a family with everyone’s thoughts in mind. I know I enjoy coming home to a comfortable place. Since we spend more time at home now, make it what your family really wants.

But again, it’s spring and a good time to be outdoors. You can still limit the amount of people your family is around. Because of COVID, I would usually suggest camping indoors or in your backyard or patio if you have one, but if you can rent an RV, go for a scenic drive with your family and take a hike. Then come home and park. Have a sleepover in there. Then in the morning, you and your family can just go about your normal day. o to a drive in movie and pop up your trunk. Bring blankets, chairs and snacks.

Lastly, stay active. Go on family bike rides, scootering or roller skating. Or go to a drive in movie and pop up your trunk. Bring blankets, chairs and snacks. Visit the beach. Many public attractions have reopened. Go indoor ice skating or visit the Zoo. No matter what you do, create a family calendar with specific time slots your kids can look forward too. Include different activities and places you plan to visit. For example, Monday’s at 5pm could be Cookie Decorating Mania. Tuesday’s theme could be Tuesday’s were made for Sandwiches at 6pm. Include all the fixings you know your family likes and cookie cutters in different shapes to make the bread fun. Wednesday’s could Chocolate Overload Wednesday at 5:30pm. Create a dessert bar for after dinner. Like a chocolate melting fountain with different fruit and skewers to dip. This would be unexpected and I’m sure they would get a kick out of it. Thursday could be Eye Spy Thursday’s at 7pm. Go on a nature walk around your neighborhood. Play I spy with my little eye and find things. Make it a family adventure! Then Friday at 6:30pm could be bedtime campout. Create a fort and eat smores and tell a few stories. Encourage your kids to tell stories too. Yes, you can make everything a learning experience. 🙂

Remember this is time with your family you will never get back! Don’t take it for granted. Instead make the most of it. Be grateful, be thankful and most of all be safe!


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