Do You Take Your Mental Health Seriously? Your Mental Health Has A Huge Impact On Your Life And That’s An Understatement!

How often do you take a minute to consider your own well-being? How you are feeling mentally, physically, emotionally and socially? Are you happy? Do you sleep well? Eat well? Are you active? Are you getting along well with others? It’s so important that we take care of ourselves. And it starts with your mental health. It contributes to every aspect of your life, your well-being and who you are.

I know personally that I have taken myself for granted. I have focused on others and their well-being at the detriment of my own. I no longer do that. I consistently give myself a little mental check up. Yes, I check up on myself. I know my worth and to live the best life, I need to be mentally sound. It is my foundation, so I take it seriously. And so should you. I write down a simple check list and go over it often. Putting things in writing makes it vivid, holds me more accountable and gives me something to refer back to. Your list may look different than mine, but some questions to consider would include the following. Are you thinking clearly? If your thoughts are all over the place, you can not focus and have the greatest productivity. Are you sleeping well and getting sufficient sleep? Are you eating properly? If either of these are being ignored, your mood will be tremendously affected. When you sleep and eat better, your state of being, how you feel, your mood will be much better. This also affects your relationships with others. How can you have good working relationships, if your mood reflects as negative and unhappy? You might not even realize. So that’s why it’s imperative to mentally check yourself.

We all know life will bring stressors. But we must keep living and work through things. If you have established a healthy mental state, then you will work towards maintaining peace at mind at all costs, all the time. You might ask how? Having coping mechanisms in place are vital. So no matter the situation, you have tools in place to address whatever arises. Maybe that’s therapy, mediating, yoga, an audio book or journaling. You have to find what brings you the most peace. For me, it’s a hot bath. I’m semi joking but being able to be in a relaxed state with no interruptions, brings me peace.

Often enough, someone will ask how you are doing? And we usually all say I’m fine without no hesitation. I always hear, it could be worse and to not complain. At least you have a roof over your head, food to eat, a job and most importantly right now your health thank God! Yes, we do need to be thankful for all these blessings right now, more than ever. But it has to also be acceptable to tell someone you’re not okay, if you’re not. Speak up! Depression is real. Many people are experiencing depression and it’s not acknowledged. If it’s not acknowledged, it can’t be treated. Depression can lead to lower self esteem, lower physical health, more limitations in your daily life, mental illnesses and unfortunately suicide. Your mental health matters!

So remember, maintaining good mental health is necessary for your overall well-being. Be cognizant that your mental state can constantly change depending on what’s going on in your life at that time. Ensure you give yourself a mental check up often and be careful not to overlook signs that you may need help. Get support, do not self isolate and learn ways to cope. You will have a healthier lifestyle, be more motivated, stable and attain a higher quality of life.


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