Featured Brand At The Sistah Shop! And You’re Invited To Today’s Grand Opening!

I can’t contain my excitement today and feel so proud that my online clothing showroom, The Staples Showroom is a featured brand at The Sistah Shop at the Mills in Jersey Gardens. Customers will be able to shop featured pieces from my collections immediately. Satisfying my current clientele with the option of on the spot purchases and gaining new customers is one of the greatest moments of 2021 so far. I’m so thankful even during the pandemic I’m able to continue pursing my business goals of expansion and making The Staples Showroom a household name.

We have all heard the term when one door closes, another opens. COVID came last year like a tornado, and limited my opportunities. But 2021 has been a breath of fresh air and we have embarked on a collaboration with The Sistah Shop. The Sistah Shop is new retail store that features and highlights brands created by entrepreneurial women of color. I knew I had to be a part on this opportunity. The store launch event is today, Friday, April 2nd and you are all invited! The grand opening is from 6PM-8PM tonight.

Are you curious what to expect from The Staples Showroom this upcoming spring and summer? Our collections will include denim, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, a lot of sunglasses and handbags. I wanted to highlight two pieces currently available at The Staples Showroom right now! But there is so much more dropping in our closet and I can’t wait to share all the amazing new pieces we’re adding to our collections. Feedback is always welcomed and we’re grateful for it. Let us know you’re thoughts.

This is our Rose kimono and is ready for the spring weather. It features a woven color block transitional ruana print. This is definitely a statement piece and will make you stand out in a crowd. So get ready to be chic and fashionable in this every day wear.

Denim is always in style and we’re incorporating some new fresh looks into our collection. Moto Moto is one of those pieces. This jacket is denim and faux leather. The faux leather is black with blue denim. The collar is faux leather. It has a fitted waist and both a snap and zipper front. This is definitely a Staples piece and our clients think it’s fire!

Can you make it tonight? If you’ll be in New Jersey, please join us. RSVP at http://www.thesisitahshop.com/. Please take a selfie and send the pic to info@thestaplesshowroom.com. I will send you a thank you gift in the mail. My small business is grateful for your support!


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