Are You Paralyzed By Procrastination? Stop Wasting Time And Overcome It Today!

Are you guilty of procrastinating? I know I am. I’ve definitely waited to the last second to complete tasks, meet deadlines or just get up and get going. But as we all know, time does not wait on us. I can’t believe it’s already almost April. Didn’t the year just start? We take so much for granted. Especially time. We rely on tomorrows. But that’s counterproductive to what you need to accomplish and creates bad habits that can’t easily be broken.

Ask yourself, do you waste time? Do you put things off for another day? Do you know why you procrastinate? Does it make sense? Are you bored? Do you lack motivation? These are all valid questions you should consider. If so, then this may apply to you. I decided to take control and put some prevention measures in place in my life to avoid further procrastination. The first step in overcoming procrastination is acknowledgement. Admitting to yourself you have a problem can be difficult. But it’s necessary, so you can commit to change. I know, change is hard, especially when you’re set in your ways. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know self-care is at the top of my priority list and how we think and how we function affect us and our outcomes. So don’t be afraid to commit to doing things differently.

Now it’s time to create and execute a daily plan. A written one that can keep you accountable and that you can easily reference or edit. Take a sheet of paper and make four quadrants. A good example to follow is Stephen Covey’s. Now make lists for short term goals, long term goals, daily tasks and what can wait until another day. Focus on what’s urgent and important first. Be specific in each category so you have a clear understanding of what you need to focus on right now. This will help you avoid confusion and feeling overwhelmed. Ensure you set realistic deadlines and stick to them.

But, if you’ve been a procrastinator, this will be like detoxing. It will not happen overnight. Take things one day at a time. The goal is to create better, daily habits. To create consistency. So work on small steps. Eliminate things that cause interruptions. I know my phone, the television and the computer can all be huge distractions. Maybe live without your phone for an hour a day to focus on a specific task. Keep your environment stress free. Also, even though you may not want to do something, tell yourself I can do it. Find value in what you accomplish. Reward yourself for meeting goals. And give yourself consequences when you do not. It’s important to hold yourself accountable.

Remember you have a choice. Even broken crayons still color (Shelley Hitz). I’ve take this to heart and did a complete 360. I will not allow my past to dictate my future. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m grateful for my experiences, as they have helped me grow. But I’m dedicated to leaving all the negativity and anything holding me back behind. I’m going to be productive and make every moment in my life count. I work a 9-5pm or more, I have an online business, I’m constantly networking and building my empire. Did you check out my recent podcast interview “The Boss Madness Continues, Episode 3?” I’m determined to build my brand and inspire others along the way. And I hope this blog encourages you too!


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