STAYCATION LATELY? Have Fun And Relax In Your Own City!

We can’t take tomorrow for granted and really need to make the best of each day. And making the best of each day includes maintaining self-care. Unfortunately, the pandemic has halted the normalcy of planning vacations and going away to explore, relax and have fun. Enjoying some downtime and every day habits away from home. But have you considered a staycation? So you might be asking yourself what is a staycation? It’s a vacation in your own city or at home. No getting on an airplane involved. But a staycation is just as important and should be a part of your life year around. I say that, although I seriously only plan one or two a year. But I’ve asked myself lately, why am I limiting myself? I live in NYC. The staycation possibilities are endless.

Yes, I agree that many public attractions are closed or places you may have enjoyed going in the past. But you can still make a trip in your city. Change your scenery just for the weekend. Renting a hotel room is one way to staycation. You could get a room with a relaxing hot tub or stay at a hotel that has an open spa or nail salon. Simply getting a massage, a facial or just your nails done, may boost your morale and motivate you to make it through the rest of the week. Life can be so full of challenges, that we have to take mini breaks. We have to find ways to filter out that noise and be in a relaxing, peaceful space. Again, self care is necessary.

Plus a staycation can be cost effective. Especially if you don’t leave your home. I usually save up and plan accordingly for months sometimes for away vacations. But depending on the staycation, you will only spend minimal and enjoy some of the benefits ongoing. One way, would be to change up your bedroom. Paint it a different color, move your furniture around, add some new artwork or pillows. You’ll feel like you’re in a different environment, although it’s the same space. Then buy special bath salts and take a bubble bath or light candles all around your home. And the more I think about pleasuring your senses, if you like fresh flowers, go buy a few bouquets and simply change the smell in your home. You will feel like your in a field of tranquility for a few days. How relaxing? And if your that person that enjoys staycationing in your bed, I would suggest treating yourself to some high thread count sheets. Then indulge in the luxury and softness all weekend. The comfort of your bed will speak volumes to your wellbeing.

And if you’re looking for a romantic staycation, I would suggest buying two easels (could be table top), some canvas boards, some paint, brushes and some wine or your favorite beverages of choice. Find some interesting artwork online and put it up on your tv or computer. Then have your own paint and sip date! Or find a cooking class for the two of you. Then go buy all the ingredients and decorate your kitchen according to that theme. Splurge on the chopsticks, even if you decide to still eat with your fork. The ambiance will be set and that’s what matters!

Or make a day date out of staycation with your love and plan to go to a food pop up event. Food trucks seem to be popular right now. You usually can eat outdoors, hear some good music and depending on where you go, maybe you can explore that part of the city. Or have you considered going to a drive in movie? It’s intimate and could be cost effective too. Pack a bag of all your favorites and bring them along. And if the weather is nice, plan to go to the beach. Yes, of course you could have an amazing picnic. But when was the last time you rode a bike? Rent some and go on a mini adventure. I’m sure you’d get a good laugh out of it, if nothing else. And of course, all these recommendations can include your kids and become family time.

So don’t allow the ongoing travel restrictions to limit your options for mini breaks. Decide to staycation and make the most out of what you have available right now, today! Decide to explore your own city and even your own home. Decide to get moving and living again. I promise, it will be so worth it no matter you’re enjoying me time, partner time or family time!


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