Talk Less, Do More For Yourself!

Have you been kind to yourself lately? You might be asking what exactly do I mean by that. Have you treated yourself to anything in the past day, week or months? I tend to always put others first and neglect my own needs. But it’s so important that we take self care seriously and see the importance of treating ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

First, think about what makes you happy. What would put a smile on your face right now? What do you need? Yes, I’m asking you to think about yourself and no one else in this moment. Maybe it’s that new set you’ve been wanting. You should order it. Don’t get me wrong, I realize finances are tight for many, but utilize one of the four easy payment options available and pay over time. Tomorrow is not promised, enjoy that outfit now.

When you treat yourself often, you’ll feel better about yourself. Especially now that we’ve all felt in a stuck mode due to the pandemic. This has caused extreme stress and unfortunately, led to depression and anxiety for some. But don’t allow this to be your excuse. Always remember, you still have control of your life, your thoughts and actions. Find ways to reward yourself for all you do. Go get a massage and relax if only for an hour. It will have lasting effects on your mood, attitude, energy and how you go about the rest of your day. I know! I continuously find ways to celebrate myself. I am important and I am worth it and so are you!

Have you considered a hobby? Learning something new could be an incredible accomplishment. Building yourself up is treating yourself. Being the best you and nothing less. I used to be an avid reader, but I don’t always find the time to pick up a good book. So I have started listening to audio books. Just in the car. It gives me something to look forward to while driving. You have to find ways to destress. And this has become a simple act of love for myself, doing something I enjoy.

And I continue to say we have to support each other. When you recognize, honor and support other women, you are acknowledging yourself and making a statement for the type of woman you are and what you represent. Treating yourself is also motivating yourself about your accomplishments and what is to come. Supporting other women can be one of them!



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Plus treating yourself is helpful to your loved ones and actually anyone you encounter. It will increase your mental, physical and emotional capacity to deal with others positively and help your reactions otherwise. You will sleep better. So don’t deprive yourself. Make time for “me time.” You don’t need a holiday or special occasion. Celebrate you often!


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