A Time Of Giving! This Holiday Season Be Selfless And Give Back!

The holiday season is here! No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s so important we find ways to give back. Of course to those in need including people and pets too, but consider honoring our first responders and others who uplift our community. If that’s you, sending my sincere thanks to all who selflessly give of themselves even in the smallest of ways. I’m sharing some ways you can consider giving back too!

It’s so easy to spend a $100 on one or two items. Instead consider using that $100 at the dollar store. You could make five $20 care packages for the homeless with items such as socks, underwear, toiletries, body wipes, sanitary items, shoe liners, zip lock bags, dry shampoo, canned food, can opener, snacks, silverware, sewing kit, hand or sole warmers, gloves, books, mini first aid kit, a reusable bag and of course hand sanitizer. These are just some examples of what you can include in your care packets. There are multiple options. You can’t go wrong here! And you could throw in an old coat or blanket if you have any to spare.

This is also a great time to do some early spring cleaning. Donate whatever clothes in your closets that you and your family no longer use to shelters, the Red Cross or donation centers like the Salvation Army. If you haven’t looked at it in years, you probably won’t. We’ve come full season and if you didn’t wear it without the pandemic being around last winter, you probably won’t. We all have our favorites that get worn often. Plus we’re quicker to go buy new clothes, before we grab something that’s been in our closet. Nothing like the feeling of putting on new clothes. And those in need feel the same way. Remember what’s old to you, is new to someone else. Your old clothes can be a treasure to those in need. And it’s an even better time to teach our children a valuable lesson in sharing and giving to others too. Get a basket or a box and ask your kids to fill it with toys in good condition that they no longer play with or wish to gift to a child with less. It’ll show them the importance of them also doing they’re part in giving back, no matter how old they are.

Some other ways you can help include donating a toy to a children’s hospital or a hospital period. If your child is healthy, be beyond grateful for that blessing in itself! Or put care packages together for the elderly. You could donate to a nursing facility. There are so many elderly people, who haven’t had a visitor in years. And now especially with COVID, the few visitors has dropped drastically. Consider making care packages that include coloring books, crayons, markers, pencils, craft kits, magazines, cross word puzzles, puzzles, books, snacks, blankets, fuzzy socks and robes. Even your elderly neighbors could benefit from a care package such as these. Especially those who can’t get out due to the pandemic. This would definitely uplift their spirits and bring a smile to their face and yours too!

Do you have a shelf full of books? You could also donate books right now. There’s a great deal of people at home and in shelters in need of reading material. Believe it or not, not everyone has the internet or enjoys spending all day and night on the computer. For you personally, this is a time you can get back to cozying up with a good book, while being an example for your kids. If they see you reading, they may be more inclined to read too. This is such a great time of opportunity. There are so many lessons we can give and take away from 2020. It’s not all negative.

Or donate to a local school or directly to your child’s teacher. They may be need of books and supplies. As well, animals need love too. Animals shelters can always use donations including cat or dog food and pet toys are a plus! And you can always donate blood at the Red Cross or donate to foundations such as Make a Wish. And to honor healthcare workers, you could donate gift cards for the local coffee shop in a hospital or cater lunch or dinner for staff at the hospital. I know one thing I’m asking my family and friends to donate to this holiday season. Instead of giving or sending me a physical gift, I am asking them to donate to a food bank. This holiday season, please consider paying life forward and doing the same!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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