What’s Your Black Friday Budget Looking Like? Preparation Is Key!

Do you have one? If not, you should create a tentative one now! Know in advance how much you plan to spend. Have a set dollar amount in mind. Incorporate the deals you have already decided to take advantage of and then as you see upcoming specials in the next week you know you’ll also want to buy, you can tweak it accordingly. Yes, this should be a written budget. Writing it down gives you accountability and easy reference to make adjustments. You may change your mind. It’s important to remember, we’re living in unpredictable times, so we have to ensure we make the best decisions for ourselves. And a budget is one tool to do that. It’s necessary, even regarding shopping.

We all know, as you venture into stores in person or online on Black Friday, you will be easily distracted by this deal or that deal that you didn’t see or consider. However, having a budget will keep you focused. Keep your eyes not just on the prize(s), but on the goal. So if for nothing else, it will ensure you don’t spend money you don’t have. Overspending can lead to debt. Big debt! Debt you may not be able to pay back. Nobody has time for that!

Along with that budget, you should also have a plan. A well thought out plan. Compare deals, so you can find the best price possible and know exactly where to go to get that deal. You could make a section below your budget to compare deals in one location. Then once you make a decision, add it to your budget. This will save you time and money. That’s a habit we can all learn!

Having both a budget and a plan will make meeting and even beating your budget possible. But you have to be realistic. Anticipate you might spend extra. Give yourself a little cushion in your budget, just in case you see something spectacular that you must have. Yes, I said SPECTACULAR! If it doesn’t give you that unbelievable feeling. That undeniable feeling that you can’t leave without it, live without it, then be ready. Preparation is half the battle, sticking to your game plan will be the other half.

Black Friday survival starts now!

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