Election Stress! How Are You Coping?

No matter who you voted for, this election process has been beyond stressful. And it’s still ongoing over a week later. Our country has already been overwhelmed this year by the COVID pandemic and even as major as that has been, it’s not really been our focus this past week, although known COVID cases have toped over 10 million. It’s as if we put it on hold temporarily and will get back to it. Yes, we have all heard of the possibility of a COVID vaccine and a potential task force. Even still, our country has been on pins and needles wanting closure from last Tuesday’s election.

Although, a week is not really a long time, taking into account election day is only a projection anyway, this seems like a long drawn out process. Especially since the electoral votes has seemed to name a President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect. But there are so many allegations of voting irregularities being thrown around. Does anything have substance? Is there any real evidence of voter fraud or even clerical error to consider? Will the ligation drag on and on? This in itself is stressful. Our country’s integrity and faith are being questioned by not only the people of the United States but worldwide. Our election is being heard and felt across the globe. And our election is being heard and felt by our children. These are confusing times. Our children are asking questions and I know I can’t answer all of them confidently or with certainty. Can you?

This election really is history in the making. I thought the focus of the history would be that we will have a woman as our vice president. How many little girls can now aspire to be the president one day and know it’s possible? And a woman of color, giving diversity another boost of reassurance that all people have the same opportunities to be anything they want to be. Again, I sit here stressed wondering how things will play out? Will our chaotic country become more chaotic? More unstable? I pray otherwise.

At the end of the day, this has to be about the will of the people through an election process. We should not turn a blind eye to all that’s ongoing. Because there will be ripple effects that will affect us all. I have not rested and do not feel at ease. I am frustrated and concerned. Please know these are my thoughts and that this post is not meant to offend anyone. But this is uncharted territory and we seem to still have many weeks of ongoing election information overload. This process is out of our control and anxiety may deepen. Especially with other factors we’re experiencing including COVID, our upcoming winter and financial stressors. So it is of great importance that we maintain a clear head and not obsess over the election process. We have to set boundaries and remain optimistic! If for nothing else, let’s do it for our children! They are watching and they are Our future!


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