Do You Have A Creative Side Hustle? If Not, Get One!

I’ve had a full time job since I was teenager. I’m beyond thankful to be working and providing for my family. However, although I’m good at what I do and I’m sure my company considers me a value asset, it’s never been my passion. So many people are just existing in their job and I refused to accept that. I knew I had so much more to offer. So in my personal pursuit of happiness, I decided to embark on a creative side hustle that has grown into a full fledge business. I’m an entrepreneur and business owner and you can be one too!

I’m definitely not telling you to quit your day job. Instead I’m suggesting you consider making extra income with a side hustle. Especially since you can have the flexibility and freedom to make your own schedule. Basically you would be your own boss. In control of what you put into it and what you get out of it. So the income generated is up to you.

Even in this time of the pandemic, there are so many opportunities available right now. Do you have an area of expertise? If so, then you could utilize the skill set you already have to your advantage. Consider tutoring. Due to social distancing, more and more people are turning online for help. Especially with distance learning ongoing. Parents are expected to assist there children in subjects that they haven’t seen in years or if ever. You could write an eBook or quick guide on the subject to accompany your service for the parents. I know first hand, this would be helpful. Another idea is to create an online course that could be beneficial in that area of expertise.

Or you might have gems right in your home that you could sell. I don’t mean jewelry necessarily. I mean things of value. You ever heard the saying, “what’s old to you, is new to someone else?” Seriously, if you have clothing in excellent condition in your closet that you haven’t worn in years, then why keep it? You keep telling yourself one day I’m going to wear that again and probably never will. We have a tendency and need to hold on to everything. But if you’re constantly buying new things, then why not profit off the one’s you no longer use? There are so many sites you can utilize to market and sell your things. Do this in your spare time? Due this often. Consider it spring cleaning throughout the year.

Also, if you drive every day, then why not get paid to advertise for companies with your car. Basically you’re renting the outside of your car. Companies and brands will pay you to put ad decals on your vehicle. Who knew?

Do you like to talk? Create a podcast. Discuss what you’re passionate about. Similarly to blogging. You can give insight to others that they may not have considered or that they can relate too. You’re voice matters. And so does mine. That’s why I will continue to share my thoughts in hopes that it touches and has an impact on even one person’s life.


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