Halloween Fun ~ Quarantine Style!

Celebrating Halloween will definitely be different this year, but quarantined doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled. It can still be filled with tricks and treats galore. No matter you stay indoors or venture outdoors, you can celebrate Halloween all day!

Start your morning with a spooktacular breakfast. This could be a exciting activity with the kids. Have you ever made ghost pancakes before? So simple. Make a stack of pancakes and top with a mountain of whip cream. Add some chocolate chip eyes and this yummy delight is ready to serve. Or carve oranges and make fruit cups. This would be easier for the kids to do than tackling the pumpkin carving. Set out small bowls or cups of different fruits like grapes, blueberries, pineapples and strawberry or orange slices. You can’t go wrong with this fun, healthy option!

There are so many activities you can participate in via a Zoom celebration. Of course, you can make and decorate treats like cookies or even donuts. Then have a virtual contest with multiple categories. Such as most creative, most spooky, most yummy, etc… Think of as many categories as you have participants, so everyone is a winner! Another contest could be best virtual costume. This would still allow kids and adults alike to get creative and show case their costumes to others. Dressing up and sharing it with others is one of the best parts of Halloween. You can still make this happen. Plus best decorated pumpkin would be fun. I don’t just mean the carving of it. Have the kids paint their pumpkins or glue yarn for hair or add glitter so it sparkles in the light. Lastly, if you can decorate the front of your house or your front door, a window or even the trunk of your car and have a contest. The idea is to make the kids be as creative as possible. Let their creativity shine!

Another idea for Zoom or apps as such with family or friends would be to create a Halloween playlist of songs and have a dance party. The kids could even play freeze dance. Or consider watching a scary or Halloween family favorite movie. You could pause the movie and have a mini discussion. Ask the kids what they noticed, what they did or didn’t like. Similar to a book club meeting, instead it would be a movie club meeting. You might also consider exploring and researching Halloween traditions from around the world with your family and then share what you found with others. This could be another interesting virtual party. Everyone could pick a location in advance and try making treats or dishes from there. Or paint or draw something about what was learned. Some things may be different or the same. But the highlighting will be the fun part. There’s a lesson in everything, right?!

I was also considering games you could play at home. Such as pin the face on the pumpkin or pin the tail on the spooky cat. I’m sure this is something you could print at home and have your kids color prior to playing it. Two free activities in one! As well, you could play Halloween bingo. You could use candy as the pieces. Or make glow in the dark slime. Or a have a scavenger hunt indoors. This will not only get the kids active at home but put on their thinking caps too.

Some interesting outdoor Halloween activities include having a Halloween parade. It could be on foot, in a car or on a bike or scooter. Also, look in your area and see if there are any drive through haunted parks or houses. Or a mystery house that your family could walk through of course while social distancing. Maybe they’ll offer time slots. But I’m sure there are outdoor options like these available.

If you’re unsure about giving out candy/treats this year, here are some fun alternatives. Consider making individual goodie bags and put them in a big basket out front. So as people walk by, they can take one. Or drop off your premade goodie bags to your family, friends and neighbors directly. Ensure you use wrapped candy and maybe add mini hand sanitizers in your bags. Wouldn’t it be great to open the bag and see that?!

Will you still be going door to door this year to collect candy/treats? This is a question I’m sure has crossed your mind. However, if you will be providing your kids with treats directly, consider creating treat filled balloons for the kids to pop. This is kind of like having a bunch of individual piñata’s. You’ll need treats/candy, balloons and a small pump. You could add confetti to make it more festive too. You could tie them to a string or tape them on a poster board or a wall in the shape of a large pumpkin. Or buy a piñata and fill with Halloween treats. Who said piñata’s are only for birthday parties?!

And virtual Halloween fun is not just for kids. You can make spooky cocktails or find a virtual escape room to play online. Or make adult goodie bags or baskets. They could include your favorite beverages, etc… Adults can join in all the fun too!

Lastly, in this time of a COVID Halloween, decorating face masks or cloth to match your costume would be so much fun and seems so appropriate! The kids could use glitter and rhinestones, etc… They could get creative and make several. The masks would be personalized and something they would never forget! Holidays are about the memories and traditions and you have the opportunity to start new one’s this year! How amazing is that?!

Eat, Drink and Be Socially Distanced Scary/Merry!


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