What’s Your Additional Stream of Income?

Good evening Beautiful Women Supporting Women,

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I spent mine RELAXING! With everything that’s happening around us and a possible resurgence of COVID, it is imperative that we relax the mind, body and soul! Make sure you are taking time for YOU.

I wanted to piggyback off of what our founder of the Secret Treasure’s blog stated last week. She mentioned creating additional wealth and the many different ways it could be done. Often, we have many talents or knowledge in a particular field and may not know how to go about breaking into it. Have you ever seen some of the most ridiculous inventions, but yet, you must have one of them because it’s so alluring? I think we all have been a part of the satisfying our guilty pleasure community! There’s no reason why it can’t be you creating this same type of craze, so my posts over the next few weeks will focus on what you can do to turn your skills into income.

Build An Online Course:

Since we live in an information age, being able to create, market and sell useful content is the wave of the future!

Health & Wellness

Cooking, Food & Wine

Politics & Social Sciences


Parenting & Relationships

Business & Money

These are great topics for e-books & books as well!

It just takes the vision! Believe in yourself and start to plan step by step to create your additional stream of income TODAY.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post here or email me at: thefinancialcomforter@gmail.com

As always, thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful and blessed week.


Changing the lives in our community….one family at a time.

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