Get Out And Get Moving! Safe Outdoor Activities Exist!

How often are you getting out socially now? Even with just your immediate family? Work and visiting essential stores has become the norm outing for so many people. As grateful as I am, especially in these hard times for the four+ walls I’ve spent so much time in over these past months since the pandemic hit, I’ve become a little stir-crazy! Have you? I realized I needed to get out and get moving for my emotional wellbeing and those that I love dearly too. There are low risk or safer outdoor activities that you should consider exploring. Getting out when I can, has definitely given me a physical, mental and emotional boost!

Simply increasing your mood will make your day so much better too! A picnic can be a great idea. Pack a basket of your favorites and a blanket. Plus hand sanitizer of course! You could have a picnic in a park, at the beach or your backyard if you have one. No matter it be a fun family outing, a romantic lunch or selfcare time, it will give you that needed change of scenery. Plus what a great surprise for your loved one(s)! And YES, I said self-care time too. If you’re not okay, you’re no good to any one else. And I’ve been to the beach recently. I did not get in the water but instead went for the view. It was beautiful and relaxing to watch. People were really respectful to social distance.

Another fun outdoor activity is go to a drive-in movie. Drive-In’s really have made a come back because of COVID. The kids will love this idea. Again, pack some popcorn, snacks or food and flashlights. Clear out your trunk in advance and bring a blanket. You’re movie theater ready. But even if you’re not close enough to go to a drive-in theater, look online and see if movies are being shown in parks or certain places near you. With a little research, you’ll be sure to find something.

Camping also could be a great mini vacation idea with those in your household or social bubble. Again, this could be at a camp site or in your backyard. I know many families who have embarked on a camping adventure this summer. It’s all about maintaining good hygiene at all times! Of course, consider this idea before it gets too cold or wet.

As well, I would like to mention, simply going for a walk, a hike, a run, bike riding, scootering, skating, playing one on one soccer, horseback riding, golfing, fishing, renting a boat (bring your disinfectant wipes or spray), outdoor fitness classes or gardening if you can, are all ways for safer outdoor activities. So continue to Get Out and Get Moving for your overall wellbeing.

Enjoy Life Today!


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