Traveling regularly has always been second nature to me. There has never been any hesitation, no matter it be in the states or abroad. It gives me a natural high. I look forward to mapping out the littlest intricate details. Planning is fun! Especially since I’m a shopper. Imaging what treasures I will find in the stores of that location, always gives me something to look forward to. Plus it’s a reminder on hectic days of what’s to come. No matter it be relaxation or a journey of exploring, I’m ready.

How soon will you travel? I mean if money wasn’t an issue and you could go safely anywhere you wished. Yes, I mentioned “safely” of course. Unfortunately, COVID has postponed my traveling adventures in 2020, along with most people. I’m just like 2021 hurry up, please! With our ongoing health crisis and financial burdens for many, traveling is a luxury not worth taking a chance on. But as you see I remain hopeful for next year!

So when will it be safe to travel again? There are so many things to consider. Like is it safe to fly? I barely want to travel on public transportation, nevertheless an airplane. But like others, I have to take public transportation often and I do question my safety. Yes, my mask is on and I keep my hand sanitizer available, but I automatically wonder will that coughing a few seats over affect me? I’ve done research and I realize the chances are slim but anything is possible. Now a days just having a regular cold does not exist. Your mind automatically goes to COVID. Funny thing is recently, I’ve been standing in line drinking water and it went down wrong and I started coughing myself. Every eye close by looked my way. I almost wanted to assure them, I was healthy thank God and what had occurred. I felt compelled to explain myself to strangers. I didn’t but I thought about it. So sitting close to someone unknown on an airplane for multiple hours, just makes me uncomfortable. I can’t expect others to explain. Would you?

So for now, with so much uncertainty, my travel adventures will have to wait. I’m going to continue to check the travel advisories and look for the thumbs up from the CDC but I’m over the new normal. Can we just fast forward a few years?


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