Softer colors and patterns are in trend this fall season for kids. Designers really seemed to focus on practicability. Is it sensible? Is it comfortable? Is it convenient (easy on, easy off). Especially taking into account many children are in distance learning platforms at home. So combining all of these factors, produced some really fantastic pieces. However, the biggest fashion trend for kids this upcoming season will be face masks. It’s a staple part of our current wardrobe. It’s it a must! One I don’t foresee going any where in the near future.

There really is an extensive amount of masks available for purchase. In line with the fall 2020 looks, kids have options for patterns, colors and designs to match their outfits. Having a fashionable mask is almost the most important thing you have on nowadays. It’s the first thing people see and notice, since it’s on your face. Even for children, they want to have fun, cute and comfy masks that makes a statement. As Dr. Seuss says, “Why fit in, When you were born to stand out!” Parents consider face shields too! You can find them in different characters and children may be more welcoming to wearing them. With kids, options, options and more options are so important.

So what else is on trend this fall season for kids? As I mentioned softer colors and pattern designs are relevant, especially for girls this upcoming season. Including pastel colors, polka dots, stripes and flowers. Matching two piece sets, cardigans, corduroy and sweater dresses are in. I remember wearing corduroy as a child. Do you? The sound it made and the feel was always so interesting to me. It continues to come back every few years and here it is again. Plus tulle fabric seems to be a big hit for designers. We’ve all heard the term “pretty in pink” and this tulle dress makes that statement. Tulle dresses are stylish this season offering shine, sparkle and twirl kids love.

Boys fashion doesn’t disappointment either. Multiple styles of corduroy pants, checkered shirts and cardigans all seem to be a big hit for this fall. But especially jogger pants. They offer our boys a relaxed and comfortable fit with an elastic waistband. As I said, easy on, easy off. Even as an adult, you know well that button on your pants can be a bother. Plus the tapered leg is showcased in so many pieces. Including denim, which is always a staple item for both girls and boys. These denim joggers are so stylish but casual enough that kids will love wearing them.

Another great style that’s trending for kids for this upcoming season is camo print. Actually for the whole family. From sweatshirts, to joggers, to coats and backpacks all come in camouflage colors. So know there are so many fantastic options for kids for Fall 2020. Take advantage of all the sales online right now. The pandemic has given retailors incentives to attract customers, making your shopping experience more convenient and affordable. That’s what we all want, right?!


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