CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP ~ Support Black-Owned Businesses On The Regular!

We all know there is a huge disparity of income in our country. Although educated, business minded people who own businesses cross all races, black-owned businesses are often overlooked. People just choose not to be supportive on a regular basis. It shouldn’t just be when a tragedy or a movement occurs, that the country awakens and almost feels compelled to support black-owned businesses in that moment. Don’t misunderstand me, I find it noble and admirable, that sales increase for black-owned businesses during these times, but that compelling topic can lose interest and there goes the sales with it. Black-owned businesses offer quality products and services year round. I know I do! Shopping black-owned businesses consistently will make a difference in these businesses achieving success, continued success.

Job creation is one of the reasons to support black-owned businesses. Usually black-owned businesses hire directly from the communities they serve. Thereby, assisting others with financial means and helping their communities grow. They also employ their families and this keeps their family legacy’s going, by keeping their businesses going.

Many black-owned businesses are also dependent upon the out pour of love from their communities or consumers to keep them thriving. Especially now during the pandemic. As well, when you support black-owned businesses, they in turn support other black-owned businesses. This generates a cycle of financial stability. I know it seems easier to just to buy from well known large corporations. But small and black-owned businesses have so much more to gain from your consumer satisfaction. Thereby providing their best customer service. Thereby providing their best quality of products and services. Thereby making your experience unique and welcoming, so you will want to support again.

The best way I can describe a black-owned business would be a tree. The black-owned business is the roots holding the tree in place. It extends to the trunk or their employees, which extends to the branches or the community it serves. It remains strong and intact as long as it’s roots are tended to and well taken care. That takes water or consumers continually supporting black-owned businesses (sales). So consumers need to overcome racial stereotypes and preconceived notions that lead to the discrimination of black-owned businesses being overlooked. Instead support these businesses based on the quality of their products and services. Just that simple. Supporting black-owned businesses will help close the gap of equity and offer economic wealth. Otherwise, we do an injustice to all black-owned businesses.

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