Are you making the most of the extra time you have at home with your family? There are numerous fun, simple and inexpensive activities you can do right in the comfort of your home.

Did you play hopscotch at a kid? I did on the playground outside. You can do wonders with a small piece of chalk. But you can also create and design your favorite hopscotch with masking tape right in your kitchen, hallway or living room. Maybe you have some masking tape handy in a cabinet but if not, you can find it at the dollar store. I’m including 11 different versions for hours of continuous creation and fun!

Do you have a girly girl in your home? Consider creating an at home spa with a pretend nail salon, hair salon and mini massages. Include a little brunch for your favorite customer(s) to feel extra special while being pampered by those they love the most. Or play dress up and have a photo shoot. Take a white sheet and pin it up with push pins in two corners. Then snap away those memories you’ll have forever.

Building living room forts can never get old. This is all about creativity. Make it colorful and large so everyone can fit. Then make some smores (Hershey’s chocolate bar, Graham crackers and Marshmallows) and get a flashlight and a few good books. Have your kids pick a book to read to you and you pick one to read to them. Get a little reading in this summer. It can go a long way! This idea would also be great for indoor camping. Just add some sleeping bags to your fort and some scary stories and you’ve made a night of it!

I would also suggest having a dance party. Both kids and adults have built up energy. Take out the kids karaoke machine and have everyone sing and dance their hearts out. Then add a moment of surprise with a pillow fight. Keep a few pillows near. Your kids will go wild with excitement and not to mention sleep well! You all will!

Lastly, consider having a movie night. Spread out pillows on your floor or make a row of chairs so it feels real. Create a popcorn bar with all the fixings like chocolate to dip or drizzle. Or create a mini concession stand and have someone sell and serve. Take turns. You could use play money. This is an awesome learning experience, while still having fun and enjoying time with family. Another great idea would be creating a restaurant at home. Ask everyone to come up with a name and menu. Maybe the families favorite meal. You could keep it simple or more detailed with music selection and best table setting. Then everyone could dress up as if they were going to a formal dinner out and eat using your best plates and silverware. Even if it’s just pizza. Chez La’ Pizzeria in my house is a hit!

This is an unprecedented time that we may never have again with our children. So embrace and enjoy this time you have with your family!


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