Reacclimating To The Outside World After COVID-19

I feel hopeful and encouraged that we’re on the road to recovery from COVID-19. Do you? According to the data we’re given at least. But even more tangible to me, is many restrictions are being lifted and we can begin to resume some of our normal routines. However, this is not a time to take life lightly. There are many precautions that need consideration in reacclimating to the outside world. Careful and ongoing considerations.

The biggest consideration for me is prevention. Have you given this real thought yet? I intend to continue to use my mask, maintain the six feet apart and wash my hands multiple times a day. I love to carry my hand sanitizer but realistically it may be out of stock. We are living in times we have to improvise. I’m going to make my own if needed. It’s inexpensive. You can get items from the dollar store. But even if it did cost a substantial amount, life is priceless! I know mine is. So having those necessities readily available to prevent infection and slow transmission is necessary.

Many of us have children and we also have to take precautions with them, as they venture back out into the world too. I know many of us have been homeschooling but these are real life lessons we need to teach our youth about survival. Who would have thought just six months ago, the conversations you would be having with your children? It’s unbelievable but again necessary! Remind them to constantly wash their hands with soap and water, avoid touching their faces, cover their mouths and noses when coughing and sneezing and most importantly practice social distancing! This probably will be the greatest test to our youth but the greatest form of prevention we can give them.

Overall, I know I’m so thankful right now for little blessings, like my health. Any time someone asks how I’m doing now, my response is always HEALTHY THANK GOD! Thankfully, my family too! So seriously consider how you’ll reintroduce yourself and your loved ones to the new normal. Life is forever changed but we’re still here standing strong.

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