Creating A Future For The Black Community ~ Support and Shop Black Owned Businesses Today!

Over the years I have encouraged everyone to shop small and support small business owners. However, I think it’s crucial as a black small business owner, to ask that you support black owned businesses. Unlike other races which support each other’s businesses, black owned businesses don’t receive the same support from the communities that they reside in or sell to. Black owned businesses aren’t automatically given enough credit or honor. There’s an assumption, stereotype or stigma over the years that you’ll receive lower quality. I’m hear to tell you that’s false! Most black owned businesses take pride in they’re merchandise or services, just like big businesses or businesses owned by other races. For me, I am very particular about what I sell to my clientele. I only provide high quality pieces that have value and make a statement. I sell STAPLE pieces in The Staples Showroom!

You may be asking yourself but why do we need to shop black owned businesses? It’s important to support black owned businesses, to generate economic growth not only for the business owner but the community overall. Investing in black owned businesses can create jobs. Especially now when our economy is turned so upside down and the unemployment rate is so high, generating or even just maintaining jobs is essential to keeping up our communities. We need to come together and support each other to build black wealth. Wealth we can pass down to our children and generations to come. That’s what I’m focused on. My great, great, great grandchildren.

Plus due to our economic hardships, many people are on a budget. Have you searched for black business sales? They’re available, offering good buys. I always offer different sales to accommodate those on a budget or not. I want to build lifelong clients. Right now, I have a Staples clearance rack sale that is 50-70% off winter pieces ( The months will go bye quickly and this is the time to rack up on these savings!

Overall, I’m proud to be a black entrepreneur who supports and invests in other black owned businesses. My support is a voice and an influence to others, that black owned businesses are essential to continued economic longevity in our communities, as well as offering diversity in others. Keep black owned businesses successful and in business.

Shop Black Owned Today!

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