What does your unwind from the world look like right now? We are living in a challenging time of extremes. Extremes that are coming at us from all directions. I know my thoughts and focus can be all over the place sometimes. How can it not be, with all we’re experiencing? But feeling mentally drained is not an option. Nobody has time for that. So how are you filling all the hours stretching out before us? Although, your world looks different, much slower, or even without complete control, life has not stopped. Accept the things you can control and make the most of this time you have.

This is time for reflection. Ask yourself what you’ve gained this year? What you’ve lost? Where you want to be in 2021? Do you journal? Write down a plan for where you see yourself in a year. Or in five years. Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish and how? What will you need to achieve these new goals you’ve set for yourself? Best believe, I have a life plan of action. Or create a note in your phone. There’s no excuse. You have the time to focus on you. And writing it down, will give you greater accountability. We all need that!

This is a time for discovery. Have you considered a new hobby? I’m in creation mode. I recently made a picture frame from dollar store items with friends on Zoom. It was so much fun! Consider it with your friends. It was an inexpensive but memorable way to connect. Now that’s Priceless! And I’m still working on my wall mural. That’s a big project for me but an important one. I actually have some time to concentrate on it. It’s an amazing feeling knowing it will be complete sooner than expected. This is a time to catch up on projects you’ve since forgotten about or those that don’t hit that priority box, we tend to normally focus on.

This is a time to purge. Cleaning out your house, your car, your office or even your storage, may also clear out the clutter in your life and leave room for new experiences, new ideas, new things and new memories. We tend to hold on to the past, including items, not to mention people (LOL). Have you even looked at half your closet in a year? How about a quarter of your closet? We have those go to items and we should keep those that are our favorites, those that are most memorable. But there’s always so many new chic, stylish pieces that you could be missing out on. Why miss out?! Plus with technology, you could take some photos of things no longer needed. You could create a folder in your phone or computer for those pics. To reminisce, it’ll be available at the touch of a button. This will give you new perspectives and the opportunity to see your space differently. Believe me, you’ll feel accomplished after.

This is a time for inspiration. What inspires you? If you’re unsure right now, try mediating. That calm space may give you the inspiration you’ve been searching for. Are you exercising? Be inspired and be the best you even under the circumstances. Start slow and work up to a weekly goal. Even breathing exercises could be so beneficial. Or simply walk if nothing else. Get out and get some fresh air through that mask. 🙂 You may find inspiration on that path least expected. Or inspire others. We have no idea how influential, compassionate and motivating we can be. Especially right now. This is a great time of loneliness and inspiring yourself and others is necessary.

Most of all, this is a time for change. A time to be your “best you” as I said. A time to spend with family you wouldn’t have otherwise. So don’t lose yourself in the uncertainty of this world. Unwind and find peace!


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