Quarantine Giveaway

Good Late Night/ Early Morning, Beautiful Women Supporting Women,

As always, I pray that you are all doing well and safe. Thanking God for waking me up another day.  I realized that I did not post last week.  Not sure what happened but I missed sharing with you!  I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day and spent it relaxing.  My Mother’s Day was a great one as well.  I couldn’t do Club Quarantine last week because I usually get no sleep! If you have Instagram, and have not heard the music yet, I would suggest you take a listen.  It is feel good music that will have you dancing anywhere and simply smiling.

This week, I just want to say a huge, heartfelt “thank you” to our first responders during this difficult time.  The first hospital worker to respond , will receive $20 via Cash app/Zelle/Venmo, etc… from me for lunch or however you would like to use it.  

All you have to do is tell us what your essential job is and how you are coping.

It’s important to know that you are appreciated!

If you have any financial or COVID-19 resource questions, please feel free to post here OR email me @ thefinancialcomforter@gmail.com.

Have an amazing and blessed week!


Changing the lives in our community….one family at a time

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