Denim fashion can be worn all year long, from spring to summer to fall and even in the wintertime. You can never go wrong with layering. I know it’s definitely a delight right now, having my denim jackets handy to throw over my maxi dresses, loungewear and pair with my sweats.

I thoughtfully selected the denim pieces in my current collection. They offer a combination of classic and unique designs, that you can dress up or down. And did I mention the material? Premium quality that’s durable and will last a long time. And did I mention the fit? The fit makes a difference in how you feel. My pieces are well-constructed but still give you the flexibility to move and not feel restricted. No one has time for that! We all want to look cute but still feel comfortable.

I pride myself in selling clothes I would wear. Otherwise, what’s the point. So I know my denim pieces are must-have additions to your closet. They all offer details that stand out and so will you! Here are a few highlights of three of my impulsive and staple denim pieces, you can get at The Staples Showroom,

KEMI ~ Warm and cozy denim jacket with knit balloon sleeves. It’s cotton and acrylic.

DISTRESSED ~ Very limited vintage distressed crop denim jacket. It’s a 100% cotton.

BELLA ~ Fan Favorite Denim Blue blouse with a bow tie, puff sleeve and snap button open. It’s cotton and polyester. Pre-Order today.

So what’s your favorite denim look? I love feedback! Let me know you what you think? Especially after you’ve worn any of these pieces. Customer satisfaction is my number one goal, so your testimonials are priceless!


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