Welcome To Lounge And Chill 5.4.20 ~ Plus Two Giveaways ~ Enter to Win!

Lounge And Chill is more than a mindset. It’s an overall feeling of comfort and it all starts with what you wear. Discover our new Lounge And Chill collection available next Monday, May 4th at The Staples Showroom, https://www.thestaplesshowroom.com/shop.

Seek out our cozy, comfy but still stylish loungewear. Our silhouettes are super soft, stretchy, detailed and offer pops of color too. Our no-fuss loungewear is versatile and can be worn as work from home styles, convenience store ready or just for relax on the sofa moments. Plus quality sleep and reducing stress is essential. Our pieces are lightweight and will bring the calm and comfort you need for self-care. Our collection offers practical, functional, quality clothing that’s more than just the basics without sacrificing style. You will still look good NOW OR LATER.

Get ready to enhance the quality of your life right now, be effortless and embrace our Lounge And Chill collection from our closet to yours.

Plus $50 AM Giveaway and $25 PM Giveaway offers. Two Winners! To enter you must:

Follow our blog on WordPress.com, The Staples Showroom Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Thestaplesshowroom/ and share the photo below with hashtags #loungeandchill and #thestaplesshowroom

Entries end on Wednesday, 5.6.20 at 11PM (EST). Names will be entered into an online giveaway to pick the winners. Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 7th. First prize drawing that morning is $50 and our second prize evening drawing is $25. Follow us! Good luck!


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