What have you been up to under lock down? I’m not quite locked down, since I’m an essential worker. I’m working both remotely from home and at the office supervising staff.

On my weekends, I set to explore around the house. I literally come up with ideas to invent or create new looks or spaces with inspiration from around my house. I have a wall in my hallway, I want to turn into a mural using different types of art work. I’m thinking about painting the wall white before adding the art because my artwork would be full of amazing colors and patterns.

What’s keeping you busy? Leave a comment with what you’ve been up to? Let’s share thoughts and ideas to give each other inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, my E-Book Business Mistakes Turned Into Life Lessons is now available for only $9.99. It’s full of my experiences and lessons I’ve learned over 12+ years. Visit the Staples Showroom below.



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