Knowing When to Purge


The other day I was searching for a jumper in my wardrobe closet, I started sweating immediately . It got intense because the jumper was nowhere to be found. My overflowing closet is screaming help me.  Time to Purge! 1st attempt was a complete Failure!

This was supposed to my coat closet but I have way too many coats. In this closet I have coats, clothes and shoes smh.

Starting here….

2nd Attempt, started with baskets and shoes on the floor, yes the bottom of the closet. I created 3 piles (keep, toss, giveaway/sell). I bag the toss items and through them out. Toss items are worn out, damage, collecting dust clothes from the baskets and  beat up shoes. Some relief because now it’s less clutter and now I can focus on what I’m keeping and selling/giveaway.

Will keep ya’ll updated, PS I clean out my closet twice a year.

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