Denim is an Essential?


Denim is definitely an Essential, Staple and an Impulsive Buy when the need to get Funky (in a fashionable way).

Did you know denim was worn not just because it’s hard material but because the dye was dark enough to easily hide stains back in the days?

I truly believe you should have plenty of denim jeans for the Winter. A few denim blouses and Skirts are a must (short and long), Denim shorts for the Summer .

Here’s why…….

  • Denim could dress up or down
  • Denim is east to travel with
  • Less ironing. usually could take it from dryer and go
  • Denim Parties are very Popular!!!


A client recently reach out to me to get her right for her Denim and Diamond Party approaching very soon. I’m on the job!

By the way you could schedule Virtual Styling Session with me on now. I would love to get deeper into your personal style.


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